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Who We Are

Mercury Fuel Systems Ltd. are the designers and manufacturers of Quicksilver AFI, the first multipoint and fully sequential LPG/diesel fuel system ever.

Quicksilver was developed at our Research and Development base in Avonmouth, to offer a Dual Fuel solution for trucks using an LPG/Diesel blend, and research continues into other alternative fuels such as LNG and CNG. Our team bring their experience from many specialised industries, including HGV electronics, LPG fields, and the top ranks of Engine Control Unit design.

The centrepiece of the facility is a fully programmable 750BHP MAHA HGV chassis dynamometer (rolling road). Emissions are tested using a 5 gas MAHA MGT analyser and fuel flows are measured using Endress & Hauser Mass Meters & AIC liquid flow meters accurate to better than 0.5 of 1%.

Mercury Fuel Systems can offer the complete Diesel/LPG system including tanks, brackets, components, software, ECU and electronics.

The METAL diagnostics software package which is supplied with the system has been developed by our team at Avonmouth.

Mercury Fuel Systems provide a network of service centres throughout the UK and Ireland. Please see our Where To Go page for further information.

Mercury Fuel Systems Ltd has a close working partnership with Permoid Industries Ltd, who are a large UK based Defence and Commercial sector fabricator for the engineering design of diesel and gas tanks (LPG & LNG) as well as associated bracket work and CNC machined assemblies to complement Dual Fuel vehicle requirements