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Exhaust Aftertreatment System

Mercury Fuel Systems Ltd is a leader in Dual Fuel technology and emission systems and has recognised there are issues with the operation of Euro 6 class vehicles in certain environments where that vehicle is being driven at lower speeds or in an environment that doesn’t provide for high engine loads such as:-

Road Sweeping Municipal Operations
Airport vehicles Stop/Start delivery
Waste Collection Construction Vehicles

As a result, the after treatment system which is usually made up of a Catalytic Convertor (Cat) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) can become blocked or restricted. The soot particles that are built up in normal combustion lead to the blockage and premature demise of the after treatment internal components. This is generally caused by the lack of high temperature being created within the engines exhaust system, something that isn’t an issue at normal operating speeds such as motorways or on a dual carriageway, but can be a problem for Municipal operations in slow moving Urban areas and off road locations.

The average cost of a replacement DPF is £5000+ not including vehicle downtime.

We have developed the Mercury Aftertreatment System which is innovative, non intrusive and automated. The equipment ensures that exhaust temperatures are raised and maintained to a point where both passive and active exhaust system regeneration can take place.

The system can be adapted to suit any working conditions with specific parameters based on the operation cycle of the vehicle, which means it can be tailored to meet your demands.

Fully integrated in the vehicles electronics using control valve technology the exhaust temperature is maintained based on factors such as vehicle speed, engine load and current exhaust gas temperature.

Simple to install through dealer networks, Reduced down time due to vehicle DPF failure
Maintenance free No driver interaction required
Available for most models Built in the UK using OEM quality components
Reduces operator costs by eliminating DPF replacement & cleaning Can be disabled if required so vehicles can work in refineries and in hazardous areas
Reduces Fuel Usage by eliminating extra running to create regen Will not overheat exhaust system
12 Months Warranty

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