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Dyno Facility

Mercury Fuel Systems has a comprehensive 750BHP MAHA HGV chassis dynamometer (rolling road) facility capable of taking all configurations of light, medium and heavy goods vehicles. As one of only 4 privately owned rolling road facility operated in the UK, and the only one in constant use, Mercury Fuels are uniquely placed to assess the performance and power of your vehicles. Whilst the dyno is primarily used for our own research and development, it is available for private hire at relatively short notice complete with the use of an experienced operator.

The dyno suite is complemented by MAHA fuel flow meters for both liquid and gaseous fuel exhaust emission analysis, and recording is available via a MAHA MGT 5 gas analyser and TEXA OBD diagnostic equipment. From simple power tests through to complex diagnostics of emissions, AdBlue and dual fuel technology, with our technology and expertise we are able to meet the demands of our customers. Mercury’s Dyno is available for Private Hire including the exclusive use of an operator on a daily basis. Prices range from £750+ Vat per day.

For more information and to book a session please phone Tony Dent on 01325 300767 or 07890 633870. E mail address