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Fuel Tanks

Tank Options:

Mercury Fuel Systems are part of the largest fabrication group in the UK. With 10,000 sq metres of manufacturing space and a full range of CNC Laser machines Mercury is unique in making its diesel and LPG tanks in its own facility.

As the nation’s largest manufacturers of truck tanks and suppliers to Leyland DAF and JCB the group produce all tanks to OEM standards & specifications.

This capability gives operators the power to dictate just what balance of fuel volumes are required on board to fit the way each truck is required to operate.

To find a solution that most closely fits your requirements just look at the options below, or contact our sales team.

3-axle Units, Single & Double Shifted. Daily back to base

Adaptable enough even for the restrictive space of the Euro 6 tractor units, Toroidal tanks are available in various sizes from 20 to 60 litres in either vertical or horizontal fitting. They require less space than a conventional tank and can be mounted in multiples to ensure sufficient capacity on the vehicle. Each tank has individual level sensing overheat protection and shut off solenoids whilst being able to be filled from a single fill point. All toroidal tanks need support from below and cannot be hung from the upper mountings.

Operator A runs a double shift operation with a 3-axle Euro 5 or 6 articulated unit running SCR this minimises the amount of chassis space available for extra fuel storage.

During its working day the truck travels a maximum of 1300 kilometres over 2 journeys returning to the same depot after each journey. The truck pulls 29 tonnes and is fully back loaded.

The truck averages 2.7 km per litre (7.7 mpg) on diesel only. With Quicksilver fitted the actual tank capacity required to complete the day would be 173 litres of diesel & 90 litres of LPG.

Mercury replace the existing tank with the Mercury Dual Fuel Assembly which gives the operator 350 litres of diesel & 110 litres of gas, more than enough to complete the daily duties.

Tramping Trucks

Operator B runs a number of tramping units. He runs the same 3 -axle Euro 5 and 6 trucks as Operator A. Operator B’s drivers use fuel cards on the road and fuel up when they return to base to take advantage of the better rates available through bulk storage.

The operator knows that there are more than 1500 LPG stations in the UK but would still prefer to minimise the number of times that his driver has to gas up during the working week.

The truck averages 3 kilometres to the litre (8.5 mpg) and travels 2500km per week on average. With Quicksilver fitted the actual tank capacity required to complete the week would be 600 litres of diesel & 281 litres of LPG.

Mercury replaces the diesel tank with a customised 260-litre diesel & 160-litre LPG tank assembly. The driver then has to gas up on the road only once during the working week.

High Volume LPG Tank – 294 litre WC Capacity

2-axle Units

With 2-axle units a 300-litre LPG tank can be fitted in the available chassis space while retaining the existing diesel tank. This gives enough on board storage to complete the weekly duties without gassing up on route.

Rigid Trucks up to 20 tonnes

The large amount of available chassis space on almost all rigid trucks allows us to fit tanks up to 300 litres if required.