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What We Do

Here at Mercury Fuel Systems we are predominantly the designers and manufacturers of Quicksilver AFI, the first fully sequential LPG injection system designed specifically for the HGV transport sector.

All major components of Quicksilver, including the ECU, switch, software, firmware & harnesses and tanks, have been developed from a clean paper design by Mercury Fuel Systems.

Quicksilver AFI

The Quicksilver AFI system replaces up to 25-35% of the expensive and carbon-intensive primary fuel (diesel) with a less expensive and lower carbon-content secondary fuel, usually LPG. It seamlessly blends both fuels in precise quantities, optimising emissions and economy.

There is an immediate 8-16% reduction in fuel costs, and 6-13% reduction in CO2 (both dependent on the choice of secondary fuel and route criteria).

Quicksilver prioritises good engine health, and avoids problems often evident in other systems, such as an increase in cylinder temperatures, gas running through hot turbos, and over-fuelling.

In the event of the secondary fuel being unavailable, the vehicle reverts back to 100% diesel usage. Installation does not affect the integrity of the vehicle; Quicksilver AFI can be removed from the vehicle at the end of the contract period if necessary.

Feedback from existing clients suggests that, depending on individual circumstances, return on investment can be achieved in 10-18 months, with savings continuing for the duration of the vehicle’s life.

We offer full drive train warranty alongside our optional service package. For more information, please Contact Us.