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Service and Maintenance

Mercury After Sales Service

Quicksilver uses the stability of digital electronics to drive the most rugged hardware in the sector. Before any component is passed for inclusion it is rigorously tested in one of the most difficult working environments in the UK. Even so, no system is perfect and all systems will occasionally develop a problem.

Once you have fitted a Quicksilver system every hour that it is off duty costs money. Both the speed that we can attend to an issue and the length of time that it takes us to diagnose and repair it has a direct impact on the profitability of your company.

Service Points:

  • Mercury service packages allow companies to choose the service option that suits them best. But no matter what you choose a Mercury Fuel Systems service point is never far away.
  • Mercury has service centres at Newton Aycliffe, Cannock, Newark, Peterborough, Portadown Northern Ireland, Kirkcaldy Fife, Witney Oxfordshire and Dublin and Cork Ireland. Through these centres and with our mobile team we provide a comprehensive network for national fleets.
  • No expensive detours to make or long waits for engineers to attend, the Mercury network will attend to you where you want & when you want.

Speedy Diagnostics & Repair:

  • No matter how quickly an engineer attends to the system if the fault is difficult to diagnose and repair more time is lost.
  • Quicksilver diagnostics are acknowledged as the best in the business. The complete system can be monitored and almost all faults can be diagnosed via the USB access port in the cab.
  • Software repairs, updates & resets can be conducted via the access port, minimising downtime & driver inconvenience.
  • Quicksilver also memorises the immediate data prior to the system disable, allowing the engineer to diagnose the cause as well as the fault itself from the system memory.
  • In the unlikely event that a cab has to be raised the diagnostics system will have already tracked the location of the fault so that the engineer can repair or replace the faulty part in the minimum time possible…

Service Contracts

  • A Mercury Fuel Systems Service Contract keeps your Quicksilver system running at optimum performance for a fixed fee.
  • You will know exactly when your system is due for service and what the costs for maintenance and repairs will be, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • You can choose from different levels of Mercury Service Contracts. The basic services included in each contract can be extended with a variety of options, allowing you to create a solution that exactly suits your particular needs. Mercury Service Contracts exclude accidental damage which can normally be claimed through your insurance policy.

Mercury Platinum

Covers preventive maintenance and all repairs including parts & labour at a site of your choosing. Performance upgrades are installed F.O.C.

Mercury Gold

Covers preventive maintenance and all repairs including parts & labour at a Mercury Service Point. Performance upgrades are installed F.O.C.

Mercury Silver

Covers preventive maintenance at a Mercury Service Point. Repairs to your system are charged at an agreed rate as are performance upgrades.

See full service schedules here.

Mercury Self Maintenance Contract

Covers the training of your service technician to repair and maintain Quicksilver. Covers the supply of diagnostic & commissioning suites and ongoing software.