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Arrival of Bio Propane (BioLPG) into the UK and Ireland

  • Posted On: 4 May 2017
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The anticipated arrival of Bio Propane (BioLPG) into the UK and Ireland will make a huge difference to fleets looking to reduce their greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions from Trucks.

In simple terms the Quicksilver-AFI Dual Fuel system replaces up to 35% of the expensive and carbon-intensive primary fuel (diesel) with a less expensive and lower carbon-content secondary fuel, BioLPG. This dual-fuel technology will deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to the Vehicle Operator.

BioLPG is produced using a mix of renewable and waste material. In use, it is identical to conventional LPG so it can be used pure or blended. Bio LPG is a by-product of biodiesel manufacturing. Instead of being discarded, it will be processed and made into Bio LPG. Greenhouse Gas savings for BioLPG when used for transport as a 100% mix will result in up to 80% reductions in Co2.

GHG Savings Requirements under Renewable Energy Directive (RED) (RenewableEnergyDirective (EuropeanCommission 2009) –Articles 17 -19) must meet land use, tracability and greenhouse gas balance to be classified as a renewable Bio Fuel. There is a strict feed stock verification scheme which is approved by the European Commission. European biofuel legislation requires sustainability verification, using systems approved by the European Commissions (EC). Neste Oil’s HVO-specific system was approved 9 Jan 2014 by the EC* . After 3rd party verification, HVO certificates can be granted The system enables use of existing valid certificates (e.g. ISCC EU, RSPO RED) and covers all raw materials for HVO products, defines traceability (mass balance), and sets greenhouse gas goals, clear criteria for waste and residue materials and uses and defines the term ‘process residue’, following the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED) wordings.

For transport customers there are real carbon benefits to using BioLPG with no impact on vehicle performance

Benefits of BioLPG

  • Available -BioLPG will become a reality in Quarter 3, 2017
  • Easy to use –No impact on performance and no need to change your existing LPG equipment
  • Renewable –BioLPG is made from completely renewable crop grown and waste feedstocks
  • Cleaner –BioLPG will provide up to 80% Greenhouse Gas Savings in how it is produced compared to the RED fossil fuel comparator
  • Cost sensitive –BioLPG is not anticipated to cause a large product premium

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