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Hauliers will be hit by fuel price hikes says RHA!

  • Posted On: 8 December 2016
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Motorists will not be the only ones hurt by a sharp rise in the price of fuel, hauliers will also be hit hard, according to the Freight Transport Association.

Last week’s good news that fuel duty, currently standing at 57.95ppl is to see another freeze has been effectively cancelled out by the news that the price of fuel is set to rise.

“Any benefits gained by another duty freeze will be negated by a rise in the price of fuel,” said RHA chief executive Richard Burnett. “Road haulage operators have to pass any additional fuel costs on to the customer – they have no choice. An increase in the price of fuel will have a damaging effect on the price of goods and of course the industry that plays such a key role in their delivery.”

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