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Freight in the City.

  • Posted On: 14 October 2016
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Wednesday 2nd November 2016, 09.00 – 17.00

Alexandra Palace, London

Stand No. P9

Freight in the City Expo 2016 will take place on Wednesday 2 November at Alexandra Palace, London. This one-day free-to-attend event will feature an exhibition of the latest vehicles, technology and equipment that enable urban deliveries to be made cleanly, safely, quietly and efficiently. A series of seminars will run throughout the day highlighting developments in sustainable urban deliveries.

What can you see on our stand P9?

Visit our stand P9 and see our Euro6 Scania R410 6x2 Demo truck converted to run on our LPG/Diesel Dual Fuel system.

  • Our system has been robustly tested for use on Euro5 and 6 trucks up to 44 tonnes at Millbrook and Mira.
  • Proven reduction in fuel costs by up to 15%.
  • NOx reduction on an Urban Cycle by up to 45%.
  • Co2 reduced by approximately 6-7%.
  • Our technology has been tested on real trucks under controlled, repeatable, test-track conditions over up to four distinct duty cycles, designed to be representative of typical UK operations; long haul, regional delivery, urban delivery and city-centre delivery.
  • Operators get reliable, trustworthy and relevant information on likely effectiveness for their duty cycles.
  • Mercury demonstrates realistic savings and independently evaluated evidence which easily enables us to distinguish ourselves from the snake oil salesmen.
  • Government can properly target support mechanisms towards genuinely effective products.

Always aware of change, evolution of the Quicksilver range now includes research into alternative liquid fuels such as Bio Propane/Diesel, LNG, CNG, Methanol and hydrogen at our R&D base in Avonmouth.

We will also demonstrate our innovative Exhaust Aftertreatment system for Euro 6 class vehicles being driven at lower speeds or in an environment that doesn’t provide for high engine loads such as road sweeping.

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